eBike and eBoard store in New York City

leading eBike and eBoard store in New York City: New York, New York – Filipacchi at 23 Prince Street is the leading eBike and eBoard store in New York City. They are located in Manhattan in the heart of Nolita, carrying everything from motorcycles, power-sport vehicles, eBikes, eBoards, to high-end paintball accessories and action-sports equipment. Some of the most interesting ... Read More »

Best Electric Scooter On The Market

best electric scooter

Best Electric Scooter On The Market   I am going to reveal to you the best electric scooter that anyone can use, kids, adults and even teenagers. This is the top electric scooter for all the family to have some fun on.   I am just going to reveal one electric scooter, if you want to see the best electric ... Read More »

Ways to Reduce Your e-Bike Insurance

Using an electric bicycle is a smart way to move around considering the amount of pollution and gridlock that you will find in most big cities today. However, e-bikes can be very expensive. An electric bicycle costs up to 10 times as much as a non-electric bicycle. Also, just like cars, the market value of electric bicycles can depreciate very ... Read More »

Reelight CIO – Making the Roadways Safer for Bicyclists and Drivers with Reliable Technology

Reelight CIO

Reelight CIO is a battery-free flashing bicycle light that will improve safety for everyone using the roads. With a sleek, easy-to-mount design, lasting power, and high power LED, bicyclists will maintain high visibility throughout the day and night with Reelight’s newest innovation. Copenhagen-based bike light manufacturer Reelight has been supporting bicyclist safety over the past 10 years, supplying high-power lights ... Read More »

SWAGTRON Swagger smart wheels self balancing electric scooter review

smart wheels ,self balancing electric scooter

self balancing electric scooter’s smart wheel makes fast & safe fun   Smart wheel, self balancing are unparalleled key features of the revolution of personal transportation in the scooter world. Dear, really I am telling about mind blowing Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter that is taking place in the adult scooter user’s mind also older children and in the world ... Read More »

Inmotion L6 Electric Kick Scooter:

inmotion l6,inmotion

First is always fantastic, this is true only for Inmotion l6 Electric Scooter. Inmotion l6 electric scooter is first scooter in L series.  Belief!!! This scooter is not like as usual scooter. Depend on its speed, inmotion technology made it extraordinary. In market you can see many kinds of scooter that’s similar to each other considering their peculiarity. But Inmotion ... Read More »

Objectives for Technology Infusion into Teacher Education


Abstract In order to meet the standard global requirement, teachers must be trained and equipped well to instill technology into education system through proper channel.   Content Teachers arebound to update their skills through various technology-trainingprograms to develop their know-how about use of technologies in education process. The main objectives of this technology infusion into education are as follow:   ... Read More »

Fastest Electric Scooter Review & Buying Guides

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are great for both transportation and recreation. Without a doubt, the best electric scooters go fast… really fast. With a fast electric scooter, you will get to places quicker and on the recreation side you will experience unbelievable adrenaline rushes. With a lot of super fast electric scooters to choose from, it can be difficult picking the fastest ... Read More »

Benefits of a Fast Electric Scooter

Fast Electric Scooter

Fast Electric Scooter For Kids?! You might be wondering if fast electric scooters for adults are any different from fast electric scooters for teenagers or kids. The truth is, all ages can benefit from these scooters. Age does not matter. All of the products that made our list were built to be as safe as possible for all ages—even kids! ... Read More »