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eBike and eBoard store in New York City

leading eBike and eBoard store in New York City: New York, New York – Filipacchi at 23 Prince Street is the leading eBike and eBoard store in New York City. They are located in Manhattan in the heart of Nolita, carrying everything from motorcycles, power-sport vehicles, eBikes, eBoards, to high-end paintball accessories and action-sports equipment. Some of the most interesting ... Read More »

Ways to Reduce Your e-Bike Insurance

Using an electric bicycle is a smart way to move around considering the amount of pollution and gridlock that you will find in most big cities today. However, e-bikes can be very expensive. An electric bicycle costs up to 10 times as much as a non-electric bicycle. Also, just like cars, the market value of electric bicycles can depreciate very ... Read More »

Benefits of a Fast Electric Scooter

Fast Electric Scooter

Fast Electric Scooter For Kids?! You might be wondering if fast electric scooters for adults are any different from fast electric scooters for teenagers or kids. The truth is, all ages can benefit from these scooters. Age does not matter. All of the products that made our list were built to be as safe as possible for all ages—even kids! ... Read More »

Tools for Scooter Maintenance


Tools for Scooter No matter how tactful you do services to your scooter, faults happen, and they can pose a danger to your life. I can’t restrict the maintenance of a scooter to a specific time because it can come at any moment. It’s a good idea to arm yourself with atool kit that carries essential tools for you to ... Read More »