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Inmotion L6 Electric Kick Scooter:

First is always fantastic, this is true only for Inmotion l6 Electric Scooter. Inmotion l6 electric scooter is first scooter in L series.  Belief!!! This scooter is not like as usual scooter. Depend on its speed, inmotion technology made it extraordinary.

In market you can see many kinds of scooter that’s similar to each other considering their peculiarity. But Inmotion L6 electric scooter is not like that. Because it has unique eye catching design and cruise control system.

Self-balancing is another feature of inmotion L6 electric scooter. To archive average speed with other scooter you have to press its power bottom continuously but with Inmotion L6 scooter to achieve your desired speed just once attain desired speed simply press a button and the scooter will maintain that speed spontaneously.


Inmotion L6 is most powerful and comfortable ride in account of its 48V & 8Ah Lithium rechargeable Battery and 8 inch inflatable tires. It is made of ADC12 Hard Aluminum Alloy Technique that made it aesthetic appearance, much solid & long life durable.


Another amazing thing is, Inmotion L6 has integrated LCD panel that will provide you such kind of momentous information about speed, battery charge, distance. Have option to control some functions via the Smartphone Apps. Actually it made this scooter very smart & neoteric.


Easily transportable and not cumbersome to drive because Inmotion L6  has 30Km long lasting life, over  all weight 16.5 kg or 36.4Ibs, 15 degree climbing angle opportunity, easy & quickie kickstand, IP65(3) grade water proof & easily foldable within three or four seconds.

Peculiarity of Inmotion L6 Electric Scooter || At a glance


  • Model Inmotion l6
  • Materials Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
  • Net Weight 4 Ibs or 16.5 Kg
  • Carrying Capacity 220 Ibs or 100 Kg
  • Wheel Type Two wheels, Inflatable tires
  • Wheel Size 8 Inchi
  • Folding Option Two Step Folding
  • Charging Time About 5.5 Hours (From Zero Level)
  • AC Charger AC110 ~ 220V 50~60HZ
  • Battery 48V 8Ah Sony lithium battery with smart over discharge

Protection system

  • Speed 25 Km/h (15.5 Mph) with curies control function
  • Traveling Range 30 Km (18 Miles)
  • Maximum Incline 15 Degree
  • Safety functions Rear reflector and wheel motor, quality full braking system,

Illuminated logo (No headlight), have integrated LCD panel

  • Riding Mode Three modes – Soft, Comfort mode & Passion Mode
  • Water proof grade IP65(3)
  • Optimal Running Temp. 25º C
  • Over all Dimensions 1037 x 540 x 1165 mm




  • Eye catching or gorgeous design
  • Two step foldable system with kickstand
  • LED display
  • Curies control system with up to 15 Mph
  • Three riding modes
  • Solid & powerful
  • Water proof with IP65(3) grade
  • Long time battery backup with 30km or 18 miles range



  • Heavy but not more (36 Ibs or 16 Kg)
  • More charging time 5.5 hours ( it also depends on your riding time). It does not take to charge about 5.5 hours in every time.
  • On grass it is not perfect.
  • Only 15 degree is maximum Incline not more then.
  • Can’t submerge it but can wash it down only






In Motion L6 will be faithful friend when you will feel to enjoy riding scooter. Actually it is not of my opinion, because its own features are enough to proof it. Here just need your right decision to proof it also by collecting a fantastic, durable & reliable scooter that is In Motion L6 Electric Scooter.


So don’t be late just collect In motion L6 Electric Scooter and make a connection for spending your amazing time with friends. Connection!!! No tension. The mobile phone app makes catching up with friends to manage connection. Hope your stylish day….only with stylish scooter “InMotion L6 Electric Scooter”



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