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Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar:

Quick Glance of this maxi kids scooter reviews :

  • Made for both boy and girl kids aged ‘6-11’, and one of the best kids scooter made for this range
  • Very well-built scooter, made off good parts, durable, lightweight (5.5 lbs), yet able to handle user of 120 lbs max.
  • Its well engineered mechanism provides excellent carving and curving experience.
  • An award wining kids scooter, named ‘Best Kids Scooter’ by Toy report and NBC show.
  • Awesome consumer feedback and pretty affordable. Buying link and Reviews can be checked in my articles.

Want to know in detail if its the best scooter for kids? Keep reading!

The Maxi Kick Scooter has been the hottest scooter for kids ages 6-11 of the season, with best quality and performance. It provides an amazingly smooth, quiet ride, even on urban sidewalks. This scooter is light weight, yet very well construed and exceptionally durable. This one is appreciated very much by its consumers and they said it’s one of the best scooter for kids.

And, it comes from a well known manufacturer “Micro”, who are very popular in manufacturing the best scooter for kids and have got a great feedback from the consumers.

Great features of Maxi Kick Scooter:

      • It features a 3-wheel construction and lean-and-steer mechanism, providing superior carving and curving, with a feel of ‘surfing the sidewalks’
      • It’s individual parts are of good quality, like Italian-made wheels, good quality PU and very sturdy frame, making it durable and a pleasure to use.
      • The maxi kick scooter is very lightweight, something about 5.5 lbs, making it light enough to pick up and carry when need be and easy to maneuver
      • This scooter can handle a user of 120 lbs max, which is great and a sign of it’s good build quality. I don’t often see a kid of this ‘6-11’ range having a weight of more than 120 lbs.
      • Its various color options is a good thing, to be a choice with both male and female kid. It’s available in Black, blue, pink, purple, lime green and so many.
      • The Maxi Kick Scooter is a award wining kids scooter, proving why it’s known as one of the best scooter for kids’. , It has won the prestigious Oppenheim Portfolio’s Gold and Platinum Award Seals for 2009, and the Oppenheim SNAP award as well.



Micro Mini Kick Scooter:

Best Electric Scooter For Adults

Quick Glance of this mini kids scooter reviews⇒

  • Perfect ‘Kick’ scooter for your preschooler, aging between 3 to 5.
  • Lean-and-steer design make it more fun item, giving kids a feeling of surfing skateboard.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable, able to handle user of 60 lbs. All the parts like wheels and frame are made from good quality materials. Poly amide made wheels make it usable even in inside, as it doesn’t leave any mark on floor.
  • Storage-able by removing the steering column, can be carried in a backpack.
  • Award winning preschooler scooter, pretty cheap, and we’ve managed to find a discount link for you, to make it more get-worthy for you.

Go on to know every particular point in detail-

The Mini Kick Scooter from “Micro” is designed for kids of ‘3-5’ age range and is an amazing fun machine for them. The ‘mini’ has an unique ‘lean-and-steer’ design, allowing the children using their body weight to control the steering. It gives them the feeling of ‘surfing’ the sidewalk, as they curve from right to left, almost like a skateboard.

This scooter is designed keeping youngsters in mind. Its three well positioned wheel ensures stability to keep your kid from falling over and making it easier or even the youngest kids to learn to ride. There is also a back brake and low ground clearance for safety.

And, The Mini Kick Scooter can be ridden both inside and outside, as its polyurethane wheels don’t leave black marks on the floor.

Great features of Micro Mini Kick Scooter:


    • It’s one of the perfect preschooler, an awesome fun machine for 3-5 year aged both boy and girl kid.
    • The mini kick scooter is very lightweight (only 3.7 lbs) yet can hold weights up to 60lbs, enough for a 3-5 year old kid, right?
    • Its low ground clearance and 3-wheel design keeps kids from falling over.
    • Its ‘Lean-and-steer’ mechanismmake it further more fun machine for a kid. It gives them a somewhat feeling of a skateboard!
    • The mini kick scooter has good back braking system for safety.
    • It’s ‘fold and storage-able’! Removing the steering column, it can be carried even in a backpack.
    • It’s a ‘built-to-last’ machine, keeping the level of usage of a 3-5 year old kid in mind. Its frame is made from Poly amide base reinforced with 40-percent glass fiber. It is overall, a durable machine.
    • Good quality Polyurethane wheels, good for outside use, though it does not leave any mark even in indoor use.
    • A various color option is available, including Blue, pink, yellow, green, aqua, and orange.
    • It’s another award winning one, was named ‘Best Pre-school Scooter’ by Toy Report.


What i said above, is proved by the reviews about it from its consumers. It has got a great feedback from its consumers and almost 90% people have given it 5 stars out of 5 in our research. And most of the parents have mentioned it to be the perfect scooter for their preschooler kid.

So, If you are looking for a perfect scooter that your preschooler will LOVE, offering durability and sturdiness, and something safe, this is the scooter we highly recommend.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter:

Quick Glance of this razor pocket mod kids scooter reviewsBest Electric Scooter For Adults

  • Comfortable and quiet electric scooter, Designed for kids aged 12+ . Though consumers have mentioned even their 8+ kids enjoyed it. I’ve talked about this below, at the last part.
  • Features 12-inch pneumatic tires, a padded seat and a rear suspension system to ensure comfort.
  • Good hand operated rear braking system, has storage compartment under seat.
  • Good feedback from consumers, and comes with warranty.
  • For More Details Click Here

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is a battery-powered chain-driven electric motor operated scooter that offers high-performance along with a vintage-inspired body. The scooter is powerful, can go up to 15 mph and is designed for kids of 12 and more.

It also features a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires along with a rear suspension system to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The scooter is tough and able to handle user of 170 lbs max. It also comes with variable color options.

Great features of Razor Pocket Mode Miniature Euro Electric Scooter:

  • A very quiet electric motor driven scooter, will make almost no sound while riding.
  • Variable-speed, chain-driven powerful electric motor for maximum power transfer, can speed up to 15 mph, which is fast enough to have fun or quick trip to the corner store for a 13 year or more old kid, not enough to get an accident.
  • A comfortable electric scooter with 12-inch pneumatic tires, rear suspension and a padded seat.
  • Two good quality 12V( 24V combined power) batteries, can go up to 10 miles with a single charge.
  • A good hand operated rear braking system ensuring safety.
  • Some useful features like Twist-grip acceleration control, Retractable center-mount kickstand and storage compartment under seat.
  • A good enough lengthy of warranty for a electric scooter, making you tension free for first use.


Razor A5 LUX Scooter:

Quick Glance of this A5 LUX kids scooter reviewsBest Electric Scooter For Adults

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and other rich material made scooter, recommended for 6-7 year to adult, as it can handle user of 220 lbs.
  • Compact machine, patented folding system for easy carrying. Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Patented rear fender brake, makes stopping quick, thus, safe!
  • Features an extra-large urethane wheels and a cool profile, it’s the the smoothest ride around!
  • Literally, no assembly required.
  • Get Price,Details,Reviews and Photos Check Here

The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is a lightweight yet solid-built scooter, made for kids aged of 8 and up. It comes with an extra-large 200mm urethane wheels and ABEC-5 high-speed bearings.

Razor A5 Lux features an aircraft-grade aluminum constructed T-tube, including adjustable and padded handlebars, a patented rear fender brake. It has patented folding system for easy carrying.

Its solid materials make it ideal for bumpy roads and rough pavement and it has given great performance so far.It is much more agile than a bike.

This scooter is built to support riders up to 220 lbs. This scooter is built for larger riders and recommended for kids aged of 8 and up.

Great features of Razor A5 Lux Scooter:

  • The Razor A5 Lux Scooter is compact machine, designed for easy fold and unfold. Easy to fold and carry.
  • Made of very rich, solid and sturdy materials, with an Aircraft-grade Aluminum made T-tube frame and deck (Yet lightweight though; 8-9 lbs). Doesn’t break down or gives less performance even on bumpy roads and rough pavement.
  • Features an extra-large urethane 200mm wheel, a big improvement over those on many other scooters.
  • Patented rear fender brake for quick stops, making it safe for your kid.
  • Maximum user weight of 220 lbs, so it’s ‘from-kid-to-adult’ one. it can handle adults very well, thanks to its rich materials and good build quality.
  • Manufacturer recommends for kids of 8 and up (although used by many younger kids, as young as 5 and adults as well)
  • Retractable kickstand available on the blue mode, and no assembly required on this.

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They’ve mentioned its materials are not only rich in papers, but also in real time use also. They’ve marked it very durable and there are some consumers who have been using it from 2010 to date! That’s something every scooter can’t offer.

Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter:

Quick Glance of this globber kids scooter reviewsBest Electric Scooter For Adults

  • Especially designed for youngsters, recommended for kids of 3 and up.
  • The handlebar height is adjustable, means it will grow up with your kid.
  • Has a low deck clearing increasing stability, makes it suitable for younger kids.
  • Comes with efficient braking system, with a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel, making it safe for your kid.
  • Well-built from solid materials, offers durability and maximum user weight limit is 110 lbs.
  • Has a Secure Direction Button Lock, which makes it easy to learn riding by locking the steering to increase balance.
  • Check Price,Reviews,Photos and full details click here

Read detailed review below→

The Globber 3 Wheel adjustable height Scooter is everything you want in a child’s first scooter. This scooter is designed for youngsters, aged 3 and up, and is an safe and absolute fun machine for them

It features an adjustable height ‘lean-to-steer’ mechanism-ed handlebars that grows with your child. And it has low deck clearance increasing the stability, so it is very suitable for young kids from the age of 3 up.

The Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter has efficient braking with a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel for quick stops.

It is well-built and made of solid materials, thus it can handle users of 110 lbs max! Which is something every scooter made for 3 year old kid doesn’t offer.

Great features of Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter:

  • Comes with adjustable height handlebars, thus suits this aged (Recommended for ages 3 and older) kids’ as they grow up fast.
  • Made of solid and rich materials, feels sturdy and is able to deal with a user of 110 pounds, max!
  • Good braking system featuring a long rear brake covering the entire rear wheel for more efficient braking, and Steel plate reinforced deck for maximum support
  • Offers low deck clearance from the ground, maximizing stability and thus suits this your youngster better.
  • Features a Secure Direction Button Lock, making it easy to learn by locking the steering to increase balance.
  • Well engineered, comes with Super high rebound clear PU wheels with ABEC 5 bearings.

So, we can say, after research and real time use, the scooter has proven itself for both boy and girl kid aged over 3.

And this proven machine for your youngster isn’t that costly even. It normally would cost your around 100 bucks!