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SWAGTRON Swagger smart wheels self balancing electric scooter review

self balancing electric scooter’s smart wheel makes fast & safe fun


Smart wheel, self balancing are unparalleled key features of the revolution of personal transportation in the scooter world. Dear, really I am telling about mind blowing Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter that is taking place in the adult scooter user’s mind also older children and in the world wide market as one of the more inexpensive scooter.


Who are seeking smart wheel, sleek designed & self balancing electric scooter, I will just share with him/her the features of Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter. Don’t think that I impress you to buy this scooter. Just help to know the remarkableness of this scooter. Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter made from a light weight yet highly robust and durable carbon fiber frame that is very attractive.

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Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter is fully UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2272 certified and 100% TSA (Transportation Security Administration) compliant. This certified and compliant news proofs that it is more safety. This scooter is not only for adult but also suitable for older children.


Not so ticklish to use or drive it. Because it has handbrake, footbrake to control speed and the accelerator to speed up. One touch folding system is made it so much easy to use.


On the other hand, this self balancing electric scooter will make your outside moving as like adventure. For going to shop, going to school, going to office, to meet with friend outside and to go shorter distance this scooter is compatible. For going about 5-7 kilometers it is worthy. Sometimes it shows its effectiveness to 15 kilometers. It also depends on rider’s weight & mainly terrain.


Smart wheel of this scooter will give you amazing feelings and its 250 motor grow up maximum speed up to 15 Km Pre hours.  It is easy to store by one touch folding system.


Another features of this scooter- Has a LED control panel, it shows the motor speed, battery life etc. This features made this scooter as very modern and embellished.

As conscious people it should remember that- is it Eco friendly or not?? Considering environmental effect it is made. So now you can understand what types of it is? Obviously it is Eco friendly.  No need to use gas, oil and another fuel because it is 100% electric scooter.

Wow!!! With smart wheel and self balancing, Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter has warranty option. You will get this scooter extending with 1 year warranty. But you have to remember this opportunity will be covered only for accidental damage, not for the user’s own negligence. After one year you can apply to extend only for hardware warranty for this scooter. Doubt about this amenities of this scooter?? Simply get in touch with customer support only.

Peculiarity of Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter || At a glance


  • Sleek designed & touch of modern sign
  • Light weight & Durable carbon fiber frame
  • Maximum speed up to 15 km per hours
  • Highest range about 15 km (one time full charge)
  • Wheels made of rubber with grip
  • Long lasting Lithium ion battery
  • Charging time about one and half hours
  • Handbrake, steering system, throttle and footbrake
  • Weight about 17 Pounds
  • Maximum carrying capacity about 250 pounds (It’s great)
  • Competent for both, adult and older children
  • Easy to store & carry
  • Control panel helps to see speed & battery life time
  • Eco friendly, because of 100% electric
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight



  • Easy to carry because of light weight (only 17 pounds)
  • Easy to fold for one touch folding system
  • No tension about safety ( 100% safety for Fully UL 2272 certified & 100% TSA compliant)
  • Your looking will be dinky for its gorgeous design
  • Eco friendly or safe for environment
  • Suitable for both (adult & older children)
  • Perfect for rooming around ( to go shop, gym, school, office also)


  • In the view of some user Rubber tier is not for long lasting.
  • First in market it was advertised as having a 17 miles range. People were not happy in real with this scooter. Next time updated their advertising materials within 5-15 miles range. It also depends on user’s weight & surface of road.




Considering its features, pops & cons finally it is said that, which types of scooter you are looking for Swagtron Swagger Adult Electric scooter is like that. Don’t hurry, because your best choice would be the creator of best moment.

So think it in cool brain and take decision. We always help you to get sleek & cool design scooter that will make your some special moment as funny and functional. It is not so expensive but attractive. Truly it is perfect for you. Hope you will say YES PERFECT. It is the great solution of your choosing confusion. Just Buy and Enjoy for traveling short distance.

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